Cherry Profile Keycaps: Top 7 Picks of 2024

cherry profile keycaps

Our Top 7 Picks For Cherry Keycaps in 2024

Keyboard enthusiasts are well-aware that the cornerstone of a top-tier typing experience is not just the switches or the board, but primarily the keycaps adorning it. The right set of keycaps can shift a typing session from being simply ordinary to truly enchanting, turning every keystroke into a tactile and auditory delight. In the vast universe of keycap profiles available, the Cherry Profile keycaps have carved a niche for themselves, continually being the preferred choice for many. Their unique design, combined with their historical significance in the mechanical keyboard community, makes them stand out prominently. So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper and explore the captivating intricacies of these renowned keycaps.

Introduction to Keycaps

Within the vibrant mechanical keyboard community, there lies a deep-rooted passion for intricate customization. While elements like switches and cases provide certain personalization avenues, it’s undeniably the keycaps that stand out as the most expressive facet. Users, with discerning tastes, often lean towards specific keycap profiles. Each profile, boasting its unique height, angle, and sculpt, not only shapes the keyboard’s aesthetics but also significantly determines the tactile and auditory feedback during typing sessions, creating a personalized feel for each typist’s fingertips.

The World of Keycap Profiles

The mechanical keyboard universe is vast, and keycap profiles are a crucial part of this expanse. From SA to DSA to MT3, each profile offers a distinct typing feel and aesthetic. These profiles affect sound, feel, and even the speed of typing.

Why Cherry Profile Stands Out

Of the numerous available profiles, the Cherry profile is arguably the most renowned. Here’s why:

  • History and Legacy: The Cherry Corporation, established in the 1950s, introduced the Cherry MX switches, forever changing the mechanical keyboard landscape. Their keycaps, aptly named Cherry Profile, have been a standard in the industry for decades. Their longevity speaks volumes about their quality and user preference.
  • Feel and Comfort: Cherry Profile keycaps are designed lower than many other profiles. This low-profile design, combined with their sculpted shape, provides comfort, reducing finger fatigue during prolonged typing sessions.
  • Versatility: Due to their minimalistic and understated design, Cherry Profile keycaps are suitable for various settings, from gaming rigs to office setups.

Deep Dive into Cherry Profile Attributes

Aesthetic Balance

Cherry keycaps, in their design, strike an impressive balance between flamboyance and sophistication. They might not be the flashiest options available, but their understated elegance resonates with a wide range of users. This element of design simplicity ensures that they effortlessly integrate into a myriad of environments, be it the vibrant ambiance of RGB-laden gaming setups or the serene and clean look of modern minimalist office spaces.

Sound Profile

The auditory experience delivered by Cherry keycaps is truly something to behold. Especially when these keycaps are thoughtfully paired with the perfect switches and housed on a sturdily constructed board, they produce a sound that’s not just audible but deeply satisfying. This rich, tactile and auditory feedback is what many typists yearn for, and it undeniably contributes to the ever-growing fascination with mechanical keyboards.

Material Choices

When diving into the world of Cherry Profile keycaps, enthusiasts are often greeted with a choice of materials. The two frontrunners in this regard are ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate). While both have their merits, PBT is frequently the favored choice among aficionados. This preference stems from its impressive durability, coupled with its innate resistance to the undesirable “shine” or glossiness that ABS caps might develop over prolonged use.

Top 7 Cherry Profile Keycaps of 2024

7. HK Gaming White & Blue Keycaps

HK Gaming white and blue keycaps setHK Gaming introduces a budget-friendly, durable keycap set crafted from fade-resistant PBT material. Compatible with a wide range of switch types, it’s a versatile choice for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. While the set is often praised for its quality and captivating aesthetics, some users have voiced concerns about inconsistencies in its profile. This minor drawback aside, the set remains a reliable choice for those looking to enhance their keyboard’s appearance and functionality without breaking the bank.


  • Price: $21.99
  • Durable PBT with Dye Sub process
  • Backlit capabilities
  • Colors: White & Blue
  • Compatible with various mechanical gaming switches

6. SDZY Kanagawa Wave Keycaps

kanagawa wave keycaps setThe SDYZ keycap set is an embodiment of art and function, drawing inspiration from the iconic Great Wave Off Kanagawa artwork. Made from high-grade PBT, these keycaps promise durability and a refined touch. Users consistently laud the set’s unique design, enhanced typing feel, and superior sound profile. Specially tailored for 60% mechanical keyboards, this set provides both a visual treat and a superior typing experience, making it a worthy addition to any keyboard enthusiast’s collection.


  • Price: $22.99
  • Colors: Black, Navy & White
  • High-grade Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Suitable for select mechanical keyboards (61/64/66/68)
  • Includes a keycap puller

5. JSJT Plum Blossom Keycaps

japanese plum blossom keycaps setThe JSJT Plum Blossom Keycaps beautifully melds aesthetics and practicality. The unique plum blossom design is visually arresting, adding a touch of nature to one’s desk setup. Crafted from high-quality PBT and using dye-sublimation, these cherry-profile keys are compatible with both ANSI and ISO layouts. Enthusiasts and casual users alike have praised the keycaps for their top-notch quality, vibrant color palette, and the pleasant typing experience they offer.


  • Price: $36.99
  • Colors: White & Black with Red Details
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Compatible with ANSI/ISO layout keyboards like RK61/64/GK68
  • Unique plum blossom design
  • 80 key set
  • Includes a keycap puller

4. Astronaut Keycap Set

cute astronaut cherry profile keycaps setZXMICYFA presents a PBT keycap set that serves as a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. With durable construction coupled with dye-sublimation, the keycaps promise lasting performance. Their Cherry profile ensures ergonomic comfort during long typing sessions. Many users have expressed their admiration for the set’s delightful design, high compatibility across keyboard layouts, and the tactile satisfaction it brings. A cute theme coupled with efficient design makes it a favorite among many.


  • Price: $35.99
  • Colors: Purple & Blue
  • Durable Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Dye-Sublimation for non-fading legends
  • Highly compatible across keyboard layouts
  • Clear font and easy installation with a keycap puller

3. Fodruaden PBT Keycaps

fogruaden green keycaps setWith an extensive collection of 166 Cherry-profile keycaps, Fogruaden offers compatibility with most ANSI US layout mechanical keyboards. Their premium PBT construction ensures durability and resistance to common issues like grease and shine. Enthusiasts appreciate the crispness of the inscriptions and the additional complement keys for customization. However, some users have noted the absence of backlit illumination through legends. Overall, for those seeking a comprehensive, high-quality keycap set, this is a solid contender.


  • Price: $29.99
  • Colors: Black, Dark Green, Lime Green
  • 166 keys suitable for various keyboard sizes
  • Premium PBT material
  • Cherry profile for comfort
  • Durable inscriptions

2. Apollo Keycaps Set

apollo keycaps setThe Apollo Keycaps Set, with its 173 Cherry profile keys, promises durability and clarity thanks to its double-shot technique, ensuring legends remain vivid over time. Crafted to be both strong and ergonomic, these keycaps promise a comfortable typing experience even during extended sessions. The wide compatibility range means they can fit an array of mechanical keyboards, catering to various user preferences. With its distinct gray and white color scheme and a promise of excellent customer service, it offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality for keyboard enthusiasts.


  • Price: $35.99
  • Colors: Gray & White
  • Doubleshot keycaps ensuring clear, fade-resistant legends.
  • Sturdy build with noted texture and thickness.
  • Broad compatibility: Suitable for 61/64/68/84/75/87/96/98/104/108 keyboards and cross-shaped switches like Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, and Outemu.
  • Set includes a total of 173 keys.
  • Comes with a keycap puller.

1. Day of the Dead Keycaps Set

day of the dead cherry profile keycapsStep into a vibrant celebration with these keycaps that pay homage to the iconic Day of the Dead festivities. Each key is a masterpiece, adorned with colorful symbols and motifs reminiscent of the traditional Día de los Muertos. Crafted from the finest PBT material and accentuated with dye-sublimation, these keycaps ensure a lasting legacy. Receiving widespread acclaim for their rich design and unparalleled quality, these keycaps are a magnificent tribute to a timeless tradition.


  • Incredible Value: $34.99
  • Top-Notch Material: PBT Color Letter Dye-Sublimation
  • Simple Set-Up: Easy installation process
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with most mechanical keyboards
  • Cultural: Day of the Dead-inspired design with intricate symbols celebrating life and remembrance.

An Enthusiast’s Perspective

Over my years immersed in the world of keyboards, I’ve developed a particular fondness for the Cherry Profile. There’s something about its reliable uniformity and refined aesthetic that elevates my typing experience. Whether I’m crafting detailed reports or engrossed in an intense gaming marathon, Cherry Profile keycaps have been my steadfast ally.

Contemplating a Keycap Transition? Here’s My Two Cents

If you’re just dipping your toes into the vast ocean of mechanical keyboards or pondering over a profile change, I offer this nugget of wisdom. Always align your choice with your primary activity. For the writers and typists who spend hours crafting content, the ergonomic comfort of Cherry might just be your match. On the other hand, if gaming is your realm, veer towards keycaps that amplify tactile sensations, ensuring every keystroke counts.

Material Differences and Characteristics:

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate):

  • Less prone to shine over time compared to ABS.
  • Tends to have a rougher texture which many find appealing for grip.
  • Due to its high melting point, double-shot molding PBT can be more challenging, leading manufacturers to often prefer dye-sublimation for legends.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene):

  • More susceptible to “shine” over time from finger oils.
  • Double-shot molding is common with ABS, ensuring the legends don’t fade.
  • Can achieve a more vibrant color palette compared to PBT.

POM (Polyoxymethylene):

  • Often seen in more niche sets, POM is a smooth and dense plastic.
  • Known for its “slick” feel, which some enthusiasts prefer.

Profile Specifics:

SA vs. Cherry vs. DSA vs. OEM:

  • SA is spherical and high-profile; Cherry is cylindrical and low profile. DSA is flat and uniform, while OEM is somewhat of a middle-ground between Cherry and SA in height.
  • Each offers a distinct typing experience. For instance, SA’s high profile can be fatiguing for some typists but is revered for its aesthetics.


A crucial aspect often overlooked by newcomers. Bad stabilizers can make an expensive keycap set sound cheap. There are several types: Cherry, Costar, and Plate vs. PCB mounted.

Sound Dynamics:

The sound of a keycap can vary based on its profile, thickness, material, and the board it’s placed on. For instance, thicker keycaps tend to produce a deeper sound.

Mount Types:

Not all keycaps will fit all switches due to the stem design. MX-style stems (cross-shaped) are the most common, but there are Alps, Topre, and more.

Artisan Keycaps:

These are custom-made, often hand-crafted keycaps that can be quite expensive. They’re more about aesthetics and personal expression than typing feel or performance.

Compatibility and Layouts:

It’s not just about the number of keys (like 60%, 75%, TKL, etc.), but also the layout specifics. ANSI vs. ISO, split backspace, stepped caps lock, and more. Ensure your keycap set supports your specific layout.

Group Buys:

Many high-end or custom keycap sets are sold via group buys. This is where the product is only manufactured after a certain number of orders are placed. This can mean long wait times, but it’s often the only way to get certain exclusive sets.

If you’re diving deep into the keyboard hobby, remember that personal preference reigns supreme. It’s always a good idea to test different setups at meetups or by purchasing switch testers and sample keycap sets.



In the ever-evolving landscape of mechanical keyboards, Cherry Profile keycaps have not only made their mark but have also firmly cemented their legacy. Their unrivaled blend of aesthetics, rich history, and superior functionality sets them apart. As we navigate 2023, their popularity shows no signs of waning, and given their consistent track record, it’s evident that they will remain a top choice for enthusiasts, both seasoned and new, for many more years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean Cherry Profile keycaps?

Cleaning Cherry Profile keycaps is a straightforward process. Start by turning off your keyboard. Using a keycap puller, gently remove the keycaps. Soak them in a solution of lukewarm water and mild soap for a few hours. Gently scrub each keycap with a soft brush to remove any grime or residue. Rinse with clean water and let them air dry completely before placing them back onto the keyboard.

2. Can I mix and match different keycap profiles?

Technically, you can mix and match different keycap profiles on a single keyboard. However, doing so may lead to an inconsistent feel and height across keys, potentially affecting the typing experience. It’s essential to ensure that the profiles are compatible in terms of height and curvature, especially for touch typists. If aesthetics is your primary concern, mixing can lead to a unique look, but functionality might take a hit.

3. What’s the price range for Cherry Profile keycaps?

Cherry Profile keycaps come in a wide price range, determined by various factors. Material plays a significant role; for instance, PBT keycaps might cost more than ABS due to their durability. Brand reputation, design intricacies, and customizations can also influence the price. Typically, basic sets can be affordable, but limited edition or artisan keycaps can be on the pricier side. It’s crucial to set a budget and research based on your requirements.

4. How do Cherry Profile keycaps affect typing speed?

Cherry Profile keycaps are sculpted ergonomically, promoting a natural finger movement and touch-typing efficiency. The lower profile and consistent height across rows can potentially lead to increased typing speed for many users. However, it’s essential to note that while the keycap profile can influence typing speed, personal practice, familiarity with the layout, and individual preference also play substantial roles. Over time, many users have reported improved typing speeds with Cherry Profile keycaps.

5. Where can I buy authentic Cherry Profile keycaps?

Authentic Cherry Profile keycaps can be procured from a myriad of sources. Established online retailers like Amazon,, and Drop are good starting points. Specialty keyboard shops or dedicated community group buys can also offer unique sets. Importantly, when purchasing, ensure to check product reviews, seller reputation, and any provided certifications. Authenticity matters, as there are counterfeit products in the market that may not deliver the expected quality or performance.